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Our R&D Services

Our R&D division is at the core of Skyward. With a focus on building the technology of tomorrow, our highly specialized team of engineers are constantly on the cutting edge of innovation. We pride ourselves in building everything inhouse, from the ground up. Full control, high quality, perfect outcomes.

Rapid Prototyping

From idea to creation, our team designs,  calculates, and manufactures in very short time frames, across various fields of expertise. 

Product Design

Our talented design team has years of experience facilitating mechanical, electrical, and electronic designs to fit your custom requirements

Technical Support Services

We have a wealth of technical knowledge ranging in communications engineering for private communications solutions, IT systems, Automation systems, security systems, power, and electrical systems, and various others - enabling us to cater for custom installations, continuous maintenance and monitoring or upgrade projects

UAS Development

With our years of experience in manned and unmanned aviation, regulatory management, and aerodynamics, our teams designs, prototypes and manufactures custom UAV / UAS for various custom applications and customers


With all our in-house experience and custom tooling, no custom fabrication job is out of reach - being steelwork, woodwork, carbon composites, electrical systems, PCB and electronics, mechanical mechanisms, and more. 


With our diverse range of expertise, tools and experience, we often conduct our own testing of various existing and newly developed systems. With custom tools, our own facilities and large private company estate and runway, we are able to facilitate various private test setups.

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