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Making The Impossible,

Leading Developers of Emerging Technology in the Pacific

Electrical, Electronics and Mechanical Engineering

UAS Research and Development

Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing

Specialized Security Systems, Private Communications, and other services

Abstract Background

Who We Are



We are Skyward Industries. A group of talented professionals across different Skyward departments, dedicated to creating meaningful change through superior services for a number of industries, creating custom solutions for all our customers. We love technology, innovation and getting things done.

Our team is not only dedicated to servicing our clients with maximum quality at the best prices, but also revolutionizing the technologies and methodologies used to get the job done right, through our very own Skyward Research and Development Lab.


Why Us?


We are the best at what we do and do it all in-house, the right way


We’re technology fanatics and are constantly working on the brink of the latest tech


A wealth of knowledge and experience in a range of industries and fields of expertise


We value close partnerships. As a family business, we value all those working closely with us

Exciting Projects

Our Departments



  • What does Skyward really do?
    A good question with several answers. To keep it short: First and foremost, we provide custom solutions for our customers. 1. Skyward has several departments that offer different services 2. We conduct research and development to create new products and services. Our clients can hire our engineers to create products, prototypes and custom solutions for them 3. We are consultants and implementers of custom solutions for technical challenges 4. We project manage complex technical projects 5. We build custom communications solutions, IT systems, and Automation systems 6. Visit our "Departments" page to learn more
  • How can I get in touch?
    You can reach us in a number of ways: 1. Send us an email using the website's "contact us" and we'll get back to you 2. Send us an email directly at: 3. Give us a call on +6799984411 4. Come visit our office. You can find our address at the bottom of the website page
  • How do we price?
    We price depending on the service type you require: 1. For technical project solutions we typically price per project, which will often include research, design, prototypes, testing and final delivery. Production can also be arranged 2. For consultancy and project management, we typically charge daily for very short time projects or monthly depending on the scope and duration of your project 3. 3D printing solutions are typically priced on design time, material weight, and labor Get in touch with us for a better idea of how we'd price your project
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