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We are Skyward Industries. A group of talented professionals across different Skyward departments, dedicated to creating meaningful change through superior services for a number of industries. We love technology, innovation and getting things done.

Our team is not only dedicated to servicing our clients with maximum quality at the best prices, but also revolutionizing the technologies and methodologies used to get the job done right, through our very own Skyward Research and Development Lab.

Why Us?

Our team is incredibly passionate about their work

In House Expertise

We are the best at what we do and do it all in-house, the right way

Diverse Experience

A wealth of knowledge and experience in a range of industries,

State of the art

We’re technology fanatics and are constantly working on the brink of the latest tech

Team Players

We value close partnerships. As a family business, we value all those working closely with us

who we are

All services in one place

Research and Development

Rapid prototyping, CAD Design, Product Design, Small Scale Manufacturing, 3D Printing, and much more.

We specialize in IOT, Environmental Sensors, Automation Systems, UAV's & Drones, Private Comunication and others!

Mapping and Surveying

High Resolution Mapping & Surveying unlike ever before. 3D Maps and Models of terrain, topographical surveys, volumetric calculations, master plans and more. We have a fleet of drones, state of the art survey equipment and a highly specialized GIS team.


We do it all. Corporate productions, live events, broadcasting, interviews, 360 and VR! Whether on the ground or in the air, there's no shot we cant get.

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We guarantee quality results

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